11.267 Rotisserie Chicken


28 (Mon) September 2020

 Rotisserie Chicken


from the guy in the truck

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


3 chickens for 13,000 won.  Couldn’t resist.

I was so hungry that I ate one in the car, straight out of the bag, with my bare right hand, while driving with my left.

On the way home, right outside the office.

Some would say that such street vendors are highly suspect, that the prices are suspiciously cheap, that the chickens are likely obtained from some illegal source (e.g.,  peddling substandard birds that were rejected for human consumption).  Maybe.

In any case, the chicken wasn’t that great.  Even though piping hot, the skin was kinda flabby and flavorless.  The meat was reasonably juicy but flavorless.  When I got home, W and the boys each kinda sniffed at it, poked at it, nibbled at it, drifted away.  Louis loved it – so long as Louis is happy, I’m happy.

(For more details about the food, see WHAT)

(For more details about the venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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