11.298 Pizza Margherita


29 (Thu) October 2020

Pizza Margherita


at Dochi

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Dochi is an Italian restaurant chain.  Currently 6 branches in Seoul.  Specializes in Napoli-style pizza.

Yet another shining example – actually, deliberately dull and rusty example – of Seongsu-dong’s gentrification.
Gas-fired oven, made to look wood-fired.
The “let’s bust through the walls and leave the concrete jagged and unpainted to make it look rustic and chic, like an old pizzeria in the Italian countryside” design thing is surely a modern gimmick, because surely no old pizzeria in the Italian countryside would ever do that.

The pizza was good.  The crust was chewy and tasty, further enhanced by the oven char.  The sauce was fine.  The cheese was a bit clunky; as I was later passing by the pizza station, I noticed a container filled with what looked like preshredded mozzarella from a bag.  A decent effort overall.

Due to a large group having a party on the second floor, the service was absurdly slow.  I had to wait over 5 minutes just to be seated, even though only 1 table on the ground floor was occupied.  As I could see the pizza station from my table, I estimate that one pizza took nearly 10 minutes to make.  In all, 5 minutes waiting to be seated + 30 minutes for 3 prior orders that went out ahead of mine + 10 minutes to make mine, a simple cheese pie = 45 minutes before I got a bite.  I didn’t mind, because I had a book and didn’t have anything waiting for me back at the office, but still.

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