11.333 Spicy Rice Noodle in Soup


3 (Thu) December 2020

Spicy Rice Noodle in Soup


at Pho Bay (StarCity Mall)

-Jayang, Gwangjin, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


The eye examination a few weeks back revealed that Louis Le Pieux, not yet 11 months old, had developed an eye cataract.  The surgery was today.  While waiting, I had an early dinner in the mall across street (see most recently 11.319 Kimchi Burrito).

Pho Bay is a Vietnamese chain restaurant.  Founded 2002 in Seoul.  Currently over 160 stores across the country.  Specializes in pho and other noodle dishes.

The spicy pho was meh.  At first sip, the broth seemed nice, a bit tangy, until – WHAMMO – the heat kicked in, after which my taste buds were incapable of tasting anything.  The noodles and other solid components seemed fine, at least in texture.  I got through most of the bowl, though it was a struggle the entire way.

(For more details re food, see WHAT)

(For more details re venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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