11.332 Jeyuk


2 (Wed) December 2020



at Jinmi Pyeongyang Naeng Myeon

-Nonhyeon, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Over 11 months have passed since my prior visit to Jinmi, while we were in Korea on holiday, still working at WHO and based in Manila, when a bowl of MNM at Jinmi was the most critical food priority on any visit to Korea.

Now that we’re back in Korea for good, nearly 5 months since the repatriation, I suppose that Jinmi hasn’t seemed so urgent, even though I think about it constantly.  Another factor is that we’re living outside of Seoul, so getting there poses a logistical challenge.  And in light of the pandemic, eating out is generally discouraged.

Tonight, at last, the stars aligned.

Mandu (3.5)
Mul Naeng Myeon (3.5): IZ and I shared a gobaegi (double).
Even after we had licked the bowl clean, we got another round of sari (noodles only), which come with free broth.

Arriving a bit early, I ordered a beer and a plate of jeyuk.  We always order jeyuk, which is always good, but never gave it much thought – it’s just boiled/steamed pork belly, sliced.  But this time – perhaps because I hadn’t tried it in so long, perhaps because I was extra hungry, perhaps because I had it all to myself, allowing me to concentrate – I was blown away.  The texture was sublime – perfectly tender, just shy of fall-apart, still a hint of chew, laced with ultra-silky ribbons of fat.  The flavor was both sweet and savory, distinctly porcine without being at all porky.  The ultimate pig in its purest form.

So perfectly formed, especially the layers of fat, that it almost looks fake.
Garlic chili paste …
… plus a shot of soy sauce for the ideal condiment.

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