12.013 Kal Guksu


18 (Mon) January 2021

Kal Guksu


at Gamegol

-Hoehyeon (Namdaemun Market), Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


After all these years, Gamegol remains my favorite shop for steamed buns (see generally 1.248 Wang Mandu).

Until today, I had never eaten on the premises, never considered doing so, only vaguely aware that dining in is possible, didn’t even realize that they served anything but their signature item, which I’ve always gotten to go, as do 99% of the customers.  After purchasing a new pair of glasses, I asked my optometrist about a different kal guksu restaurant down the alley, and he suggested Gamegol next door would be better.  I was like, “They have kal guksu?”

At noon, the alley is empty of food carts, which will pack the space by late afternoon (see for example 10.354 Roast Lobster with Cheese).
Getting to the dining area on the second floor requires walking though the kitchen and past the cadre of bun makers on the ground floor.
The reverse angle, as seen from the stairs at the back of the kitchen.
The stairs leading up to the dining area, as seen here on the way down.
The dining area, thankfully not crowded.
The menu.
Gogi (meat) Wang Mandu (4.0) + Kimchi (spicy) Wang Mandu (4.0)

The kal guksu was disappointing.  Watery broth.  Limp noodles.  But only 5,000 won, so maybe okay for a quick, cheap, filling snack, along with a side of dumplings.

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