12.043 Pan-Seared Snapper in Garlic-Truffle Cream Sauce with Paprika Mash


17 (Wed) February 2021

 Pan-Seared Snapper in Garlic Truffle Cream Sauce with Paprika Mash


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Les Crâniés Aquatique Culinaire à la Corée (8)

Inspired by the fish counter at our local supermarket (see 11.229 Gwangeo Hoe), this is part of a recurring series on Give Me This Day to explore food fishes that are available in Korea and how they are prepared.

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35,000 won per fish, each weighing a bit over 3 kg, so about 12,000 won per kilo.

Domi (도미) is a type of snapper, maybe.  It’s yet another fish that is referred to by a wide range of English terms, including various forms of snapper and sea bream, with possible Linnaean taxonomic classifications including the families Sparidae, Lutjanidae, Sebastidae.  Similar to, though perhaps not exactly the same as, maya maya in the Philippines (see for example 8.079 Maya Maya Jiri Tang).  In any case, the fish domi in Korea is scaled, weighing about 3 kg, pinkish in color.  Cooked, the flesh is white and firm, with a delicate flavor.  Most commonly eaten raw, or as maeun tang, or sometimes steamed with soy sauce.

My first time working with whole domi, I was a bit surprised by the large abdominal cavity, which cut into and thus reduced the size of the fillet – definitely different than maya maya.
After trimming away the gut region, the remaining fillets came out to just under 1 kg in total, cut into 4 pieces of about 240 grams each.

Our local supermarket doesn’t have the widest, most consistent selection of fish, but they usually have something good (see 12.040 Miso Mackerel).

With such beautiful fillets, I wanted to enjoy them pretty much as is.  So, rather than a Korean application that would’ve involved a lot of overpowering seasonings, the fish were pan-seared in butter, seasoned with salt and pepper, drizzled with a bit of truffle-enhanced garlic cream sauce, and served with paprika-infused mashed potatoes, along with buttered carrots and sweet corn.

It was good.  Tasty fish, well paired with the sauce.  In trying to get the skins crispy, I overcooked them a tad.  The potatoes were an excellent accompaniment.  Kinda reminded me of a decent meal in business class – conceived with good intentions but somewhat awkward in execution.

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