12.069 Dweji Galbi


15 (Mon) March 2021

Dweji Galbi


at Cheonnyeon Galbi

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Whereas “dweji galbi” literally means “pork rib,” the dish as served in restaurants consists only partly of rib meat, a little bit attached to the bone.  The rest of the meat is sliced pork shoulder, which is more tender and more voluminous than the meat that actually extends off the bone.  In some restaurants, the rib and shoulder cuts are somehow fused together to maintain the illusion.  Many, if not most, diners are aware of this, though nobody really cares.

At Cheonnyeon Galbi, the pieces come separate.  When I asked the server, she confirmed that the meat was pork shoulder.

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2 thoughts on “12.069 Dweji Galbi

    1. “In some restaurants, the rib and shoulder cuts are meat glue fused together to maintain the illusion.”

      OMG, that’s soooo funny. First time I’ve ever been tempted to write “LOL,” maybe even “LMFAO” (but I won’t).

      I’m wracking my brain, trying to remember if I already knew about meat glue, because it’s seems so obvious now that you mention it, but I don’t know…..

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