12.078 Bun Nem


24 (Wed) March 2021

Bun Nem


at Pho Ngon

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Bun nem is a Vietnamese dish.  Consists of thin rice noodles (bun) + deep-fried spring rolls (nem ran) + mixed greens + dipping sauce (nuoc mam pha).

The spring rolls were crispy, stuffed with well-seasoned minced pork.
The dipping sauce was mostly well-balanced, a bit sweet but not too fishy or salty or spicy.
The greens, including loads of cilantro, were fresh and lively.  The noodles were firm.

On my prior visit, I’d been unimpressed with the pho (see 11.246 Beef Pho).

But the bun nem was very good.  I was thoroughly stuffed, and satisfied.  Quite a bargain at just 8,500 won.

Only the second time that I’ve had a drink during working hours.

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