12.079 Guinness Whopper


25 (Thu) March 2021

Guinness Whopper


from Burger King

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Guinness Whopper is a burger from Burger King Korea.  It’s a standard Whopper (beef patty + lettuce + onions + tomato + sesame seed bun) with bacon + Guinness bun + Guinness barbecue sauce.

Apparently, the Irish are intrigued by the collaboration involving their most iconic beverage, which is not (yet) available in Ireland (see “Burger King rolls out its new Guinness Whopper in South Korea“).  Can you imagine the shit storm that would erupt in Korea if Burger King Ireland had made an Ireland-exclusive Makgeolli Whopper?!  (Side bar: “‘A war wages on online over Korea’s most-loved heritages.”)

While the top bun was black, the bottom bun was weirdly brown.
What a mess, especially that big chunk of lettuce that lopsided the entire structure of the burger.
I’m assuming these little fat pills are associated with fast food patties that are processed and frozen with tiny punctures across the surface.  I’m assuming the patties are punctured to ensure that they retain their shape during the cooking.  I’m assuming the rendered fat escapes through the punctures and forms into pills.   In any case, they’re unsightly.
I have no assumptions to explain why the bacon strips were folded at seemingly random angles at seemingly random lengths, all piled into one corner of the burger.

Meh.  The bun – which I had anticipated would have a bittersweet flavor, and perhaps dense/heavy texture, like its namesake Guinness beer, like pumpernickel bread – tasted like a regular bun.   We even compared it in a blind taste taste, side by side, with the regular bun from the standard Whoppers that W and the boys were eating, and we agreed that they tasted the same.  The so-called Guinness barbecue sauce tasted like barbecue sauce, though oddly sticky.  With the sauce and so much bacon, 4 strips, the burger felt like one of those smoky “cowboy” burgers, rather than a Whopper.  The sloppy construction made it difficult to eat after a couple bites, including the sticky sauce getting everywhere, at which point it wasn’t worth the effort.

In my defense, I’d dropped by the filling station to fuel up the car on the way home after a long day at work (not really all that long), and takeout from BK for dinner was too easy to resist.

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