12.107 Chicken Mayo Rice


22 (Thu) April 2021

Chicken Mayo Rice


at CDS

-Gyeongseo, Seo, Incheon, Republic of Korea-


For the past few days, we’ve been holding a book fair at CDS, an international school.

Whereas CDS is located in Cheongna – a district, part of Incheon’s nascent Free Economic Zone, not an “international city” itself (like Bonifacio Global City) – no restaurants (no anything) yet exist within a 2-km radius of campus, so the crew has been eating lunch in the student cafeteria.

Every day, the kitchen offers two choices: Korean or International.

The food is self-service.

The meal comes with a main and small selection of sides, typically salad, steamed veggies, and kimchi.

Day 1 (Tue): Bibimbab

I wasn’t very hungry, so I didn’t bother with soup or noodles or other sides, just kimchi and bibimbab – perhaps the skimpiest bibimbab that I’ve ever experienced.  Still, having attended a high school where we had an actual Wendy’s branch inside our cafeteria in lieu of an actual kitchen, I could appreciate the healthiness of it.

Day 2 (Wed): Soy Sauce Beef with Rice

The beef was pretty good, like a bulgogi-flavored stew with potatoes and rice cakes.  I’m sure that this is a popular option.

Day 3 (Thu): Chicken Mayo Rice

The chicken was chicken katsu, topped with scrambled eggs and seasoned laver, doused in teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise – quite tasty.

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