12.131 Beijing Duck


16 (Sun) May 2021


at Buggyeong Sanghoe & Beijing Duck

-Jangji, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Buggyeong Sanghoe & Beijing Duck is a Chinese restaurant and store.  The restaurant specializes in Beijng Duck (the menu has only 2 other items: dimsum and bamboo rice), while the store (“Buggyeong = Beijing” + “sanghoe = store”) retails Chinese beers and rice wines.

Located on the western perimeter of Wirye Plaza.
The far wall comprises the store.
Each customer gets an individual dish of condiments that includes salt, chili sauce, and hoisin-ish sauce, plus sugar that comes with the duck in the center of the table.
An order of duck comes with 20 wraps (10 wraps cut in half) and 2 plates of cucumber+scallion toppings.

Meh.  The duck was okay, skins crispy but flavorless, meat tender but flavorless.  The wraps – factory-made, served between sheets of plastic (see for example 12.026 Battle: Duck!) – were oily/sticky in touch, bland/floury in taste – for a place that makes a single main dish, the kitchen is unforgivably lazy not to produce its own pancakes.  The toppings and condiments were fine.  We finished everything, but we weren’t thrilled with any of it.  A decent value at 42,000 for the basic set.

Dimsum (1.0): the server confirmed that the dumplings were not made in-house, so I’m left to assume that they came frozen out of a bag.

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