12.157 Wuyuk Myeon

Cycle 12- Item 157

11 (Fri) June 2021

Wuyuk Myeon


at Daeman Wuyuk Myeon

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Daeman Wuyuk Myeon is a Korean-Chinese-Taiwanese restaurant.  The eponymous house specialty is the Taiwanese dish braised beef noodle soup, translated literally “wu (cow) + yuk (meat) + myeon (noodle).”  “Daeman = Taiwan.”  The menu also offers Korean-Chinese dishes, like jjajang myeon.

I’ve never seen braised beef noodle soup anywhere in Korea (though maybe it’s available at Din Tai Fung?).

Recently opened, located in A Tower, across from the office.
By 1200, the place was packed. No social distancing.

It was good.  The broth was dark and rich and beefy, though I suspect a lot of MSG.  Disappointed that it wasn’t spicy, I later noticed chilies at the self-service bar on my way out.  The noodles were gorgeously thick and chewy and uneven, perhaps handmade, in any case unlike anything that I’ve experienced.    The beef was a bit bland and a tad tough, but not too bad.  Toppings included bokchoy, sprouts, and cilantro upon request.  And a generous portion, I couldn’t finish it.

More important than the dish per se, I’m glad to see again that Seongsu is continuing to expand its culinary horizons.



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