12.167 Bossam

Cycle 12 – Item 167

21 (Mon) June 2021



by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

I asked W to buy a slab of pork belly so that I could make bossam.  In contravention of this simple instruction, she bought a picnic ham, part of the front leg, which the butcher had convinced her was better for bossam.  I employed my standard scallion steam method to cook it (see 2.222 Bossam (with recipe)), followed by a secondary pan-sear, but it came out horribly dry and tough.  This was my first experience with picnic ham, which I now realize is one of those cuts that require a low-and-slow application – even longer than 1.5 hours – to break down the meat.

For sides, I served napa cabbage two ways – kimchi + parboiled inner leaves – and radish two ways – mumalaengi + dongchimi.

Even though the meat was dry and tough, it wasn’t too bad when topped with the sides and wrapped in cabbage.

GMTD World Series of Pilsner (6 of 7) (see also WSP)

This project is to taste-test pilsner-style lagers from around the world, mass-market brands widely available in Korea.  16 contenders: 4 from Korea (none really worthy, but anyway), 4 from Europe, 5 from Asia, 3 from the Americas (would’ve preferred an even 4×4 regional spread, but only 3 contenders were deemed worthy from the Americas, so I included a 5th from Asia).  4 finalists have already been determined from the initial quarterfinal round of 16.

In the interest of parity, and in case some beers had been unfairly eliminated due to what might’ve been a poorly designed testing system, the 6 highest-scoring contenders from the quarterfinals will be retested.  They were split into 2 groups of 3 beers (Group E, Group F), blind-tasted on a 4-point scale, repeated, tallied to a maxim score of 8 points.  Group E was tested previously.  This is the test for Group F.  The winning beer will move on to the semifinal round, along with winners from the other testing groups.


  • Beck’s (prior score 11.0): “balanced, dry flavor, solid finish – exactly as I remembered it.”
  • Singha (prior score 10.5): “fruity and rich, refreshing finish – exactly as I like it.”
  • Terra (prior score 10.0): “‘sour and flabby’ on the first tasting (3.5), somehow flipped to “tasty and crisp” on the second tasting (6.5).”


  • Beck’s (7.5): rich, balanced, long finish, classy.
  • Terra (7.0): tasty, long, solid.
  • Singha (6.5): clean, refreshing, dignified.

(See also BOOZE)


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