12.302 Snapper al Cartoccio

Cycle 12 – Item 302

3 (Wed) November 2021

Snapper al Cartoccio


at Festiva

(Hotel in 9)

-Samseong, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W, and the owner

Festiva is an Italian restaurant.  Specializes in steaks and pastas.

The restaurant sits on the 20th floor of Hotel in 9, with floor-to-ceiling window on three sides, offering unobstructed views of the city.

The owner of the restaurant, who also owns the hotel, invited us to lunch.

He also owns a property in Cheongdam-dong, next door to our property.  We are co-defendants in a land border lawsuit filed by another neighbor.

The purpose of the lunch was to discuss legal strategy, but I was there for the food.


Him: “Please, eat whatever you want, as much as you want.”

Me: “Yes, thank you.”

Amuse-Bouche (2.0): toasted rice in squid ink, I think.
Soup (1.5): creamy yellow squash, I think.

I ordered the snapper en papillote lunch course: amuse-bouche + soup + main dish.  I also ordered a seafood pasta.

The hanwoo 1+ sirloin steak was mighty tempting – 68,000 won for a 120-gram portion, on the house! – but I resisted in keeping with my red meat moderation.  See, I’m taking it seriously.

Snapper al Cartoccio (3.5): tomato-based sauce, I think.

The fish was excellent.  Snapper.  Perfectly cooked to a juicy flakiness.  The delicate poaching liquid, which came with barley pearls, made for an excellent soup, much better than the actual soup.  The subtle sweetness of the sliced aehobak was a nice touch.  In every aspect, it was an exquisitely light, nutritious, sophisticated, tasty dish.

On the menu, the dish was written in Korean as “saengseon (fish) jjim (braise/steam),” but I took the liberty here of using the Italian term for the paper technique (see also 9.336 Sea Bass en Papillote).

The pasta dish was also excellent, but I’ll cover that in a future post.



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