12.321 Godeungeo Gui

Cycle 12 – Item 321

22 (Mon) November 2021

Chicken Fajitas


at Mudol

-Cheongdam, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


While GMTD is primarily about the food, it also documents important events in my life, usually contextualized by the food.

I should’ve taken a photo of the house before it was demolished.

We’re developing a new building on a property that we own in Cheongdam.  Used to be a house, where my parents and I lived for a few years, in the late 1990s, before renting it out as a commercial space.  I was in my late 20s at the time, at the peak of my carousing days (mostly nights), a good time to be living in the heart of Gangnam.  I studied for the LSAT in the house.

In any case, I needed to confirm the completion of the demolition, so I dropped by.  Afterwards, I had lunch in the neighborhood.

When we lived in the neighborhood, this building hosted a beef restaurant, and it wasn’t called Mudol, so “since 1985” means that the current operation moved here from elsewhere, sometime after 2000.

Mudol is a Korean restaurant.  Offers a wide range of traditional dishes.

My favorite thing these days is salted mackerel (godeungeo jaban), roasted (gui), accompanied by steamed rice and kimchi.  Can’t get enough of it.



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