12.320 Puunim Phat Pongaree

Cycle 12 – Item 320

21 (Sun) November 2021

Puunim Phat Pongaree


at Golden Thai

-Bangi, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Golden Thai is a Thai restaurant.

Fourchette is a Dutch beer.

According to on-line dictionaries, “fourchette” doesn’t seem to be a word in Dutch.

In French, the term refers to a fork.

In English, it refers to a thin fold of skin at the back of the vulva.  I’d never heard of Fourchette (the beer) until seeing it on the menu here.  I’d never heard of fourchette (the vaginal membrane) until just now, as I was looking up background on the beer.

The brand’s motto is “Taste the Experience” – I’ll leave it at that.

I’ve never encountered a beer that comes with its own wine glass – better to enhance the bouquet (sorry).

Tasting the experience was fine (the beer).

The food was good overall.  Though the puunim phat pongaree (poonim phat phong kari) wasn’t great – the soft shell crab was nice, but the curry was kinda watery and bland – it was the big ticket item of the spread (by coincidence, I had the same dish yesterday, at home, by me).  The fried rice was excellent.  I look forward to going back and exploring the menu.

As I was paying, the owner remarked that he’d never seen a family of four eat so much.  We had 1.5 orders of spring rolls + 1 chicken dish + 1 crab dish + 1 noodle dish + 2 fried rices + 3 beers (1 Fourchette) – is that a lot?  As a sign of appreciation, he knocked off 5,000 won off the bill.

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