12.349 Dimsum Hargow

Cycle 12 – Item 349

20 (Mon) December 2021

Dimsum Hargow


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


I suspected that the hargow wouldn’t be very good, but I bought a package, both out of curiosity and perhaps as encouragement to the company, and the industry.

In Korean, the Chinese characters “蝦 (har)(shrimp) 餃 (gow)(cake)” would be pronounced “hagyo (하교).”  The Korean term “saewoo (새우)” is the default word for shrimp, but “ha” is also used in some cases (e.g., daeha = large shrimp).  The character “gyo” can be found in “gyoja,” a type of dumpling.

Wondering if the product developers were aware of the Chinese preference for the number 8, but went with 9 for another reason.

The so-called hargow was a standard Korean mandu, comprising minced pork – pork is first on the ingredient list – with a small whole shrimp shoved in the middle.

Developer 1: Our task is to develop frozen hargow.

Developer 2: What is that?

Developer 1: A type of Cantonese dumpling.  Contains shrimp.

Developer 2: If we just added a whole shrimp to our mandu, would that work?  

Developer 1: Yes.

Developer 2: How many should we include in each package?

Developer 1: Nine.


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