13.045 Black Truffle Funghi Pizza

Cycle 13 – Item 45

19 (Sat) February 2022

Black Truffle Funghi Pizza


at Vera

-Itaewon, Hannam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

The occasion was inspired by the cooking competition program Hell’s Kitchen (Season 18: Rookies vs Veterans!), which IZ and I have been watching these days.  Scallops are frequently featured as an appetizer during meal service.  IZ loves scallops.  I’m looking around for a reliable source of frozen raw scallops to make at home.  In the meantime, a restaurant had to suffice.  Vera offers a decent scallop appetizer.

Scallops with Shallot (3.5): great, though very pricy at 16,000 won.

The Black Truffle Funghi Pizza was amazing.  Perfectly chewy crust, with bits of char.  Rich yet light cream sauce.  Just the right amount of mozzarella, fresh and gooey.  Large shards of shaved black truffles, packing a wallop in every bite, enhancing the earthiness of the mixed mushrooms.  Slivers of red onion to provide a touch of balance.  Perhaps the best pizza that I’ve experienced in my life, certainly in recent memory.

Vera is a member of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (see website), member #436 out of a current 918 (actually less, as membership numbers are not reassigned when members drop out (e.g., members #1, #3, #4, #5 are no longer on the list)), 1 of 7 in Korea.  In Cycle 2, GMTD covered the very first restaurant in Korea to receive AVPN membership (now out of business) (see 2.151 Pizza D.O.C.).

I never noticed this sign until today.



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