13.047 Shabu Shabu

Cycle 13 – Item 47

21 (Mon) February 2022

Shabu Shabu


at Cheongjeongok

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with Mom + Dad

Cheongjeongok is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in beef shabu shabu, Korean style.

Located across the street from the office.
Used to be a full-on Japanese restaurant.
The basic lunch set comes with beef (70 grams) + mandu + rice cakes + vegetables + noodles + rice, all for 10,000 won per person.

Generally, the food is pretty decent.  The vegetables are fresh, varied, and bountiful – one of the only restaurants near work where veg is so prominently featured.  The sides are meh.  The beef is meh.  The seafood is inadvisable.  The noodles and rice are good.  Overall a decent value.

Starts with stock, already seasoned.
3 portions of beef.
Only 2 sides: mul kimchi + salad.
I’m perfectly happy eating just the vegetables.
The meal concludes with juk (rice porridge).
Cooked in the remaining broth, now a super stock, the juk is extremely rich and flavorful.

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