13.049 Tomato Stuffed with Shrimp Salad

Cycle 13 – Item 49

23 (Wed) February 2022

Stuffed Tomato with Shrimp Salad


at Rossini

-Jae, Jongro, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with RK, HRS + 1, LJK + 1

Dinner again with former colleagues from the public health field, including RK this time!

Same restaurant as before.

Another omakase-esque table d’hôte, different dishes, even better than last time.  The stuffed tomato starter was the least interesting.  The salad course took me by surprise with its balsamic pearls – hopefully more on that in a future post – but I was so excited that I forgot to take a photo.

After 20 days of abstinence (beer doesn’t count), I couldn’t resist a half-pour.

Amarone is an Italian wine denomination.  Originates in the region Valpolicella, part of the northeastern province Verona.  Through the appassimento process, the grapes – primarily comprising Corvina – are harvested then initially dried for 3 months before going to press.  This concentrates the sugars, also extends contact with the skins, resulting in a punchier bouquet and flavor, though not at all “sweet” in the standard sense.

On the prior visit, I was blown away by the Begalia Lorenzo Amarone Della Vapolicella Classico 2017.  Explosive fruit, yet delicately balanced – unusually playful for an Old World wine – immediately accessible, yet packed with potential for growth.

I ended up buying a case of 12 bottles.  At 85,000 won per bottle, the owner assured me that I was getting a major bargain (average global prices on-line hover around $45) – more important, he said, the wine was imported in limited quantity exclusively through his dealer, made available only to VIP clients.  First time that I made a purchase under such circumstances.  After receiving the wine at home, I immediately opened a bottle to confirm, yes, that the decision was a good one.  I will keep them cellared and open 1 bottle per year.

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