13.088 Taste Test: Bottled Mayo

Cycle 13 – Item 88

3 (Sun) April 2022

Taste Test: Bottled Mayo


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W, IZ

Planning to make sandwiches on the camping trip, I had neglected to pack the bottle of mayo that we already had in the fridge (Heinz Original Mayonnaise).  Upon arrival at the camp grounds, I purchased a new bottle (Ottogi Gold Mayonnaise) at the on-site store.  When W came the next day, she stopped by a supermarket and bought, among other things, another bottle (Cheongjeongwon Rich Mayonnaise) for dipping squid that she’d brought to grill.

Back home with open bottles of mayo from 3 different brands, I took the opportunity to conduct a blind taste test.

The test involved 2 rounds.  First, as is (dabbed on a teaspoon).  Second, in a breadless bread sandwich (see 11.345 Bread Sandwich Deluxe).  Sips of water to cleanse the palate in between.  Each brand rated on a 4.0 + 4.0 scale.   W, IZ, and I, participating.

  1. Ottogi Gold Mayonnaise (cumulative score 17).  My personal favorite.  Immediately, in both tasting rounds, I recognized the brand’s distinctively eggy and creamy flavor profile.  Best for applications calling for a strong mayo.
  2. Cheongjeongwon Rich Mayonnaise (cumulative score 16.5).  Preferred by both W and IZ.  For me, it was fine, but otherwise unremarkable.
  3. Heinz Original Mayonnaise (cumulative score 13).  Everyone’s least favorite.  Objectively, however, I appreciated its tanginess, approximating a more authentic French handmade mayo.  Good as the basis of mixed sauces that necessitate delicate harmony.


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