13.089 Sorongpo

Cycle 13 – Item 89

4 (Mon) April 2022



at Hongbokseong

-Susong, Jongro, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

Hongbokseong is a Korean-Chinese restaurant.  In addition to the typical fare, the menu also offers dimsum.

Located a couple blocks southeast of the embassy.

To renew the boys’ passports – the previous renewal was in 2016, prior to their expatriation to the Philippines – we scheduled a trip to the US Embassy.  The appointment was at 13:00.

We arrived in the neighborhood at 11:30.

While W took took DJ to get his photo taken, I took IZ to lunch.

With increasing frequency, our family seems to do things in separate pairings: Mom + DJ, Dad + IZ.  Not planned that way, at least not consciously.

Perhaps the most extensive dimsum menu that I’ve seen in Korea.

In Chinese, “xialongbao = small 小 + bamboo basket/steamer 笼 + wrapping 包.” That could apply to any number of dimsum items.

Did you know: The modern languages of East Asia, especially Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, rely heavily on traditional Chinese characters as the basis of many words.  The pronunciations of the characters have divergently evolved over the centuries, such that certain words based on the same characters now sound different yet vaguely similar, like in languages derived from or heavily influenced by Latin.

In Korean, “xialongbao” is pronounced “sorongpo.”

When I requested an order of “xialongbao,” the server brought me a bottle of Tsingtao.

siomai = somaei

The dimsum was pretty good.  The dumplings seemed handmade (see for comparison 13.065 Xiaolongbao), though not freshly made, as if made in advance and frozen.  If I lived/worked in the area, I might drop by on occasion.



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