13.114 Piggie Volcano

Cycle 13 – Item 114

29 (Fri) April 2022

 Piggie Volcano


at Fat Albert’s

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with HSK, DP

Fat Albert’s is an American restaurant/pub, formerly 3-Alley Pub.  Offers the standard range of bar foods and a smattering of draft beers, plus cheap well drinks.

According to the current manager, the prior manager of 3-Alley Pub – whom I’d characterized back in Cycle 1 as “an obnoxious pig” (see 1.245 Wings) – had bought the place and renamed it after himself.  But died a few years ago.

Our original destination had been Sam Ryan’s, located on top of Fat Albert’s.

After a long tough week at the book fair, I felt that I had earned myself a drink, many of them – the first real drink since taking a vow of abstinence a few months back (see generally 13.028 Chamchi Gold).

With curfews lifted, Itaewon would seem to be back in full swing.

Discovering on arrival that Sam Ryan’s is currently closed for business, I took a seat at Fat Albert’s to wait for the others.  I had banned 3-Alley Pub because of that obnoxious pig, may he rest in peace, but decided to lift the ban upon hearing of his demise – let bygones be.

Same as it was 11 years ago.

Like the interior, the food and drink were pretty much the same as before: crappy but fun in the context of Itaewon.



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