13.028 Chamchi Gold

Cycle 13 – Item 28

2 (Wed) February 2022

Chamchi Gold


at Gold Chamchi

-Bangi, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Gold Chamchi is a Japanese restaurant chain.  Specializes in tuna (chamchi) sashimi, served in the Koreanized multi-course style.  At dinner, prices range from 55,000 (Gold), 80,000 (VIP), 100,000 (Omakase) per person.

Unsatisfied with the options within Wirye (see for example 13.002 Chamchi Special), we’re becoming more dependent on restaurants in neighboring Songpa, about 10 km from home.

Starting tomorrow, I am taking a vow of abstinence, from booze.  (I took a vow of sexual abstinence a long time ago.)  The primary reason is health (see generally 13.004 Dal Makhani Etc), though I look forward to enhanced work productivity, financial savings, and more time to read, as well as better retention.  Experts suggest that overly draconian measures can cause frustration and lead to relapse, so I’ll allow myself beer on occasion.  I’ll aim for a year, this Lunar New Year holiday, which ends today, to the next, which ends 23 January 2023.

The 2nd round – we were offered a 3rd round, but politely declined, being so stuffed.

The food was excellent.  Even though we’d ordered the cheapest Gold course, the cuts of fish were high in quality, wide in selection, neatly presented, served with a range of creative sides.  The service was efficient and enthusiastic.

(See also BOOZE)



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