13.161 Sunjja Myeon

Cycle 13 – Item 161

15 (Wed) June 2022

Sunjja Myeon


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

The cup version of Sunhuchu Ramyeon was previously reviewed on GMTD (see 12.331 Black Pepper Powder Ramen – Beef Bone Stock Flavor).

This is the standard version, which requires boiling the noodles and other dry ingredients in a pot of water.

Package includes noodles + powdered soup base + dehydrated scallions + ground black pepper.

It was good.  The broth was rich and milky, as good as broth from powder can be (in fact, Ottogi produces the beef bone stock that I use for various soup applications (see for example 1.323 Ddeok Mandu Guk)).  The noodles were a bit flimsy but passable. The live cooking allows for the addition of fresh ingredients, such as mushrooms; I also added fresh scallions at the end.  Overall, a very mellow well-balanced noodle soup, a welcome change from the typical red and spicy Korean ramyeons.

“Sun” from “Sunhuchu” + “Jja” from “Jjajang.”

Gonghwachun Jjajang Myeon was previously reviewed on GMTD, both in its restaurant form (see 12.104 Gonghwachun Jjajang Myeon) and packaged version (see 12.111 Jjara Myeon).


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