13.162 Ma Samgye Tang

Cycle 13 – Item 162

16 (Thu) June 2022

Ma Samgye Tang


at Ma Samgye Tang

-Jangchun, Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with TB staff

Ma Samgye Tang is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in a special version of samgye tang, as well as a few other chicken dishes.

Today and tomorrow, we’re holding a book fair at BEK, a small international school (technically, a hagwon).

For lunch, I did a search for highly rated nearby restaurants and found Ma Samgye Tang, both the highest rated and nearest.

We got the last open table.

By the time we left, the line was out the door.

Ma Samgye Tang is the restaurant’s proprietary variation on the classic samgye tang.  The broth, traditionally mild and clear, is made thick and opaque by the addition of ground ma (aka Chinese yam aka Dioscorea polystachya).  As far as I’m aware, based on personal experience, internet research, and surveys of friends (MtG) and family (Mom), the dish isn’t a thing outside of this restaurant.

The ma samgye tang was surprisingly good.   The chicken and rice part were fine.  The broth, at first, had the texture and (what I would imagine to be) the taste of wallpaper paste.  But as the starch began to relax, and with the addition of some salt, it became super silky and savory.  Generally not a fan of samgye tang – I’ve had it twice in the history of GMTD (see most recently 4.219 Samgye Tang) – but I thoroughly enjoyed the dish.  Couldn’t stop thinking about it.



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