13.292 Mero Nigirizushi

Cycle 13 – Item 292

24 (Mon) October 2022

Mero Nigirizushi


at Sushi Ian

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and IZ

As mentioned last time, business is booming these days (13.171 Akami Nigirizushi), which is great for them.  However, I get the distinct feeling that they’re losing sight of customer satisfaction, especially the bossy manager/owner(?) with the blue hair, in search of ever-greater profit.

This evening, the three of us arrived to find the bar full but a table open, but she wouldn’t give us the table because it’s supposedly available only for parties of 4 (even though I’ve seen smaller groups seated there during off hours).  Which in itself is a rather strict for a neighborhood family restaurant, but her dismissive “If you want to wait for bar seating, you need to wait outside in the hallway” was the kicker.  I began to walk away, but W and IZ refused to budge.  So we waited 10 minutes (outside in the hallway) for a 3-spot to open, while a foursome arriving behind us was seated at the table right away.

This restaurant is henceforth BANNED.



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