13.291 Jeonbok Juk

Cycle 13 – Item 291

23 (Sun) October 2022

Jeonbok Juk


from Bon Juk

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Bon Juk is a Korean restaurant chain.  Specializes in its eponymous dish juk (rice porridge) – “bon” means “original.”  Founded in 2002, currently somewhere around 1 zillion stores across the country.  Part of the Bonif restaurant empire, which also operates Bon Juk & Bibimbap, Bon Dosirak, Bon Seolleong Tang, Bon Woori Bapsang.

A search of Bon Juk restaurants in Seoul.

My memories of the brand are murky.  So ubiquitous, I must’ve eaten at various locations countless times over the decades, though I can’t recall where, when, what.  It has never been featured before on GMTD.

Bon Juk is famous for these plastic takeout/delivery containers, which are completely leak-proof and durable enough for multiple reuses – every household has piles in various shapes and sizes – I was reminded of them every time I had to deal with the leaky, flimsy containers in the Philippines, even on the very last day (see 11.146 Lechon).

When I got home this afternoon from the camping trip (see 13.290 Grilled Eel), W had already ordered dinner delivery from Bon Juk.  Juk, arguably the second most comforting Korean comfort food, after ramyeon (see 12.138 Battle: Comfort!), was exactly what I needed.


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