13.344 Omakase

Cycle 13 – Item 341

15 (Thu) December 2022



at Oki Sushi

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG, KIT, CJH

Oki Sushi is a Japanese restaurant.  Offers traditional dishes, both à la carte and as a multi-course set (“omakase”).

Located a few blocks north of Seongsu Station, not far from the office.

KIT, who has a restaurant in the neighborhood (see 11.175 Ggot Kimchi Jjim), invited us to dinner.  He’s a regular at Oki Sushi.

Max capacity: 10 pax.

The food was excellent.  A one-woman operation, the tiny kitchen focused on small dishes that she could execute with skill and expediency, relying on fresh ingredients and meticulous preparation.  The course was mostly raw stuff raw stuff, ending with a soup, a grilled fish, and a ramen.  The featured dish was parboiled octopus with cucumbers and seaweed in a ponzu vinaigrette – not necessarily the highlight of the spread but photographed nicely.  One of the best meals that I’ve had in recent memory (see most recently 13.343 King Crab).



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