13.350 Ddeokbokki Ban + Sundae Ban

Cycle 13 – Item 350

21 (Wed) December 2022

Ddeokbokki Ban + Sundae Ban


at Eomuk Nara

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


As previously noted, Eomuk Nara (어묵나라) has 3 consecutive branches in subway stations along Line 2, starting with Ttukseom (see 13.341 Eomuk Gimbap), then Seongsu, then Konkuk University.

Konkuk University is next.

After dropping off my car at the Land Rover Service Center, which is near Seongsu Station, I dropped by Eomuk Nara for a snack.

Located on the east side of the station near exits 2-3.

The food was fine, pretty much the same as Ttukseom.

I appreciate that they offer a plate of half (ban) ddeokbokki and half (ban) sundae, the ultimate street food duo – too much if ordered as full portions of each (see for example 4.363 Ddeokbokki + Sundae), but easily resolved by ordering sundae and requesting ddeokbokki sauce on top, which sometimes comes with a few rice cakes (see for example 3.134 Sundae in Ddeokbokki Sauce).

The lady at the other place wore gloves.
One additional item not available at Ttukseom is so-called “Busan Eomuk,” which isn’t really a thing in Busan (see 13.094 Just Regular Eomuk).
The ddeokbokki here (left) doesn’t include boiled eggs; a batch of ddeokbokki being made (middle); sundae (far right).

The differences in menu options – they don’t offer gimbap here, which is very popular at Ttukseom – suggests independence in management/ownership.


(See also HANSIK)

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