14.048 Ramen etc

Cycle 14 – Item 48

22 (Wed) February 2023

Ramen etc


at Dulwich College

-Banpo, Seocho, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with TB staff

From Tuesday to Thursday this week, we’re holding a book fair at Dulwich College, a (mid-sized- about 700 students) (British-based) international school.  Our first event at the institution since 2019, my first since joining the company in 2020.

The only international school in my experience thus far that is not situated at the top of a steep hill.
In the basement level, adjacent to the cafeteria.
Requiring careful measurements to maximize placement of tables, which ultimately worked out fine.

When the school approached us to hold a book fair in the spring, the initial advice from staff was to decline, based on prior sales figures of 9 million won in 2019.  (Believe it or not, we have to achieve at least 20 million won in gross sales to break even.)  However, building on our successes last fall (see generally 13.337 Veggie Sweet Potato Hamburger Steak), I was confident that we could do better.

Very proud to report that our sales at Dulwich this year topped 23 million won, an increase of over 250%.  However, given the razor-thin margins, we netted maybe 750,000 won.  Regardless, I’m happy to see growth, which I attribute to better selection and event management (albeit boosted with pent-up demand over 4 years).

The school was very generous to sponsor our lunches in the cafeteria, which they had to pay to the vendor.

I don’t understand why the vendor would need to charge extra for a few additional servings, as everything is made en masse, external visitors are rare, and large quantities of food are leftover anyway.

Lunch on Day 1.

Cafeteria food at international schools in Korea, ranked according to taste and quality, as well as overall service, based on my experiences at book fairs (and other events):

    1. SFS (13.139 Kimchi Fried Rice) (13.288 Lentil Tostada Bowl) (13.309 Roast Chicken with Mashed Potatoes in Gravy and Buttered Vegetables)
    2. YISS (13.111 Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce + Fried Rice + Salad)
    3. CI (13.337 Veggie Sweet Potato Hamburger Steak)
    4. CDS (12.107 Chicken Mayo Rice)
    5. Dulwich (14.048 Ramen etc)



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