14.079 Kung Phat Phong Curry

Cycle 14 – Item 79

25 (Sat) March 2023

Kung Phat Phong Curry


at Baan ChiangMai

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Try Every Restaurant in Scandi Mall (2) (see TERSM).

Baan ChiangMai is a Thai restaurant chain.  Currently 3 locations, including 1 in Wirye.

Located in Scandi Mall (tip of the hat to GK!), which also houses Jip Nagan Godeongeo (12.303 Godeongeo)

Kung Phat Phong Curry is a Thai dish.  Shrimp (kung), stir-fried (phat) in egg (phong) curry – a cheaper version of the dish more famously featuring soft-shell crab (poonim) (see generally 2.347 Poonim Phat Phong Kari) (see most recently 12.320 Puunim Phat Pongaree).

I detest chunks of bell pepper in any dish.

Disappointing.  The sauce itself was fine – derived from egg curry powder, pongaree usually is.  But the shrimps were bland, and the vegetables, including bell pepper, onion, spring onion, and celery, were unpleasantly raw and clunky.  At least the rice was jasmine.



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