14.080 Dubu Kimchi Hansik Gyoja

Cycle 14 – Item 80

26 (Sun) March 2023

Dubu Kimchi Hansik Gyoja


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


I’ve always been cynical about vegetarian versions of meat dishes, which as yet are vastly inferior to their real-deal counterparts (see for example 12.050 Plant Whopper).

But now that I’m trying to reduce my consumption of meat, I was tempted to try a vegetarian version of mandu.  I figured that the meat in the dish – typically ground pork, mixed with tofu and onion and noodles and other ingredients, including kimchi – isn’t really the star attraction, so a plant-based substitute wouldn’t be as noticeable.

The image on the packaging is weird, depicting what appears to be a gigantic mandu sitting on a small table.

In recent years, Pulmuone has been steadily releasing a wide range of plant-based products (see for example 13.203 Dubu Tenders), though they seem to come and go, suggesting that they haven’t quite found their groove.

Without minced meat to act as a binder, the filling falls apart.

Meh.  From the first bite, the texture was kinda dry and crumbly, lacking in meaty juiciness.  Flavor-wise, the meatlessness wasn’t an issue, though the seasonings were bland, despite the kimchi.  I won’t be buying this again – and if not my favorite brand, I doubt that I’ll explore vegetarian mandu again.

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