14.155 Yummy Plate

Cycle 14 – Item 155

9 (Fri) June 2023

Yummy Plate


at Hello Mikkelan

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Try Every Restaurant in Scandi Mall (6) (see TERSM)

Hello Mikkelan is an Italian(ish)/American(ish) restaurant.  Offers pastas and “melts” (open faced sandwiches), and a handful of other random dishes, including what would seem to be their signature item: a breakfast platter (as described below).

Located on the 2nd floor of the east wing.
I would enjoy hanging out here and sipping cocktails, but not if I had to go inside with my wallet every time I wanted a refill.
Is it an interior design thing to have a random assortment of mismatched chairs?

Much to my annoyance, and puzzlement, menus are on the tables but orders are taken at the counter by the entrance.  So, I had to memorize what everyone wanted, get up from my seat, and stroll over to the counter to place the order.  Had to go back to the table to grab my wallet because payment is required upon placing the order.  Whereas self-ordering and pre-paying – often at a kiosk – is now common in many restaurants, such places tend to be of the quick and convenient type, but this restaurant is clearly aspiring to a higher standard.  I would’ve ordered a second beer but didn’t feel like going through the trouble.

16,500 won for the platter – can’t decide if that’s a reasonable price.

The Yummy Plate is an American-style breakfast platter.  Comes with scrambled eggs + bacon + sausage + grilled mushrooms + baked beans + hash brown + ciabatta + salad.  At extra cost, the menu offers additional portions and other components (e.g., chicken breast).

Reverse angle.

It was okay.  Everything on the plate was reasonably well prepared, except for the ciabatta, which was insufficiently toasted.  The salad was nice per se, providing freshness to counterbalance the heaviness of the bacon and sausage (not good sausage), but seemed a bit incongruous in the context of American breakfast.

The rest of the dishes that we’d ordered, like the melt (see below), were rather amateur.

Basil Chicken Tomato Melt (1.5): without the thick slices of raw onion, it still would’ve rated 2.0.

I doubt that I’ll be back, at least not of my own accord.



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