14.156 Mandu

Cycle 14 – Item 156

10 (Sat) February 2023



at Jinmi Pyeongyang Naeng Myeon

-Nonhyeon, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w W and IZ

Before today, 25 prior posts on GMTD have referenced this restaurant.  It’s “my favorite restaurant in the world” by virtue of serving the world’s best rendition of mul naeng myeon, my favorite dish of all time (see most recently 14.065 Mul Naeng Myeon (with a Medium-Boiled Egg).

Already a long line at 17:43, mostly comprising young customers.

At long last, this 26th post highlights the mandu.  Every visit to the restaurant involves a plate of the dumplings, though previously they’ve only been mentioned in passing, starting with the very 1st post on the restaurant, where the mandu are described as “legit” (see 8.296 Mul Naeng Myeon).

The dumplings are too big to eat in a single bite.

The dumplings represent the world’s best rendition of northern-style mandu.  The skins are hand-rolled, luxuriously thick and delightfully uneven.  The composition of the filling is relatively minimal, consisting of minced pork + tofu + mung bean sprouts + scallions, very delicately seasoned; the flavors are subtle yet perfectly balanced, deeply satisfying, like Pyongyang-style MNM.  The dumplings are steamed, then served either on a plate, or in a soup.  They are my favorite mandu of all time.

Unlike other restaurants, the mandu here are served with a unique garlic chili sauce (to which I add a few drops of soy sauce for extra flavor) (see also 12.290 Mul Naeng Myeon (à la Hubris).

Other restaurants serving comparable northern-style mandu, though all falling a tad shy of Jinmi, include Pil-Dong Myeonok (see for example 2.201 Mandu Guk), Pyongyang Myeonok (see for example 7.198 The Best MNM in the World), Neungla (see for example 8.198 Pyeong Yang Naeng Myeon).

Mandu Guk (3.0): served in heated MNM broth, very austere – although the same mandu, the broth seems to dilute the flavors towards blandness.

(See also HANSIK)



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