14.169 Pyongyang Laeng Myeon

Cycle 14 – Item 169

23 (Fri) June 2023

Pyongyang Laeng Myeon


at Seogyeong Dorak

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w dbBOOKS staff

Seogyeong Dorak (서경도락) is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in mul naeng myeon, as well as other northern-style dishes.

According to Naver, 2 restaurants of the same name exist in Seoul, both specializing in MNM, but the respective broader menus differ, both in variety and price.  The signages are also different.

Located 377 m from the office.

The occasion was lunch for staff who’d worked the recent book fair at KIS (see 14.127 Bibimbap & More).

The half-sized Eobok Jaengban (beef hotpot) is 90,000 won, compared to 60,000 won at Pyeongyang Myeon Ok (see 5.003 Jaengban Ban).

The prices were very steep, on par with the best MNM restaurants in the city, so expectations were high.

Also, in light of Seongsu-dong’s on-going gentrification, I was hopeful that the tides had finally brought in something that I could appreciate.

Mandu (2.5)

Alas, the food fell way short.  The MNM broth was bland, nearly devoid of beef flavor – at an exorbitant 14,000 won, the flavor should moo.  The mandu were passable but felt factory made – at an exorbitant 14,000 won, the skins should be hand-rolled.  I was disappointed, but the staff seemed to enjoy the meal.

The noodles were thin and wispy, reminiscent of Eulji Myeonok (see 4.163 The Eulji MNM).

I wouldn’t mind going back for the food per se, just because I love Pyeongyang-style MNM and mandu, even if not that great, but hesitant to support a business that (apparently) takes advantage of the neighborhood’s hipster vibe to overcharge for substandard fare.



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