14.170 Grilled (Salt + Soy) Chicken

Cycle 14 – Item 170

24 (Sat) June 2023

Grilled (Salt + Soy) Chicken


at Gye Moim

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w the Family, HL and family, HSK and family, DP

Gye Moim (계모임) is a Korean restaurant chain.  Currently 17 locations.  Specializes in grilled chicken à la Korean BBQ.  The name of the place is a pun: in the context of the restaurant, it means “chicken (gye) gathering (moim),” but the phrase originally refers to an old type of money pooling arrangement (gye), where funds would be distributed at monthly gatherings (moim).

Located 1.2 km from the office.

In weighing venue options for the second dinner with HL (see previously 14.166 Puncheon Jangeo), he suggested Korean BBQ but with chicken (his daughter doesn’t really eat red meat).  At first, I was like, “That’s not a thing.”  But I asked MtG, just in case, and he recommended Gye Moim, which happens to operate a restaurant near my office (not relevant, though we did end up going to the warehouse for a tour after dinner).

Everyone brought the wife and kids, except DP.

The food was very good.  The chicken – skin-on boneless thighs, partially pre-cooked and finished at the table over live coals – was tender and juicy.  The seasonings – 3 varieties: salt, soy, spicy – were minimal, in a good way, allowing for the essence of the bird to come through.   The noodles and sides were also solid.  Personally, I was happy to find Korean BBQ that didn’t involve beef, pork, or lamb.

Spicy (3.0): everyone’s least favorite – though if this were the only option, everyone would’ve been satisfied with it.
Chicken Gizzards (2.5) + Chicken Feet (-): they couldn’t understand how chicken feet were deboned.

I’m definitely going back, perhaps with my staff for lunch.



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