14.174 Mandu Guk

Cycle 14 – Item 174

28 (Wed) June 2023

Mandu Guk


at Gangnam Myeonok

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Republic of Korea-


Gangnam Myeonok is a Korean restaurant chain.  Currently 20 locations around the country.  Specializes in northern-style cuisine, including Hamheung-style mul naeng myeon and mandu.

Located 235 m from the office.

Not a fan of their MNM, which was reviewed at the Wirye branch (12.085 Taste Test: HHS v PYS) – not a fan of Hamheung-style MNM in general.

Only 1 item on the menu is meatless: hoe naeng myeon, which comes with dried fish.

The mandu guk is good.  The dumplings are a bit too garlicky/oniony for my tastes, but they’re handmade and fresh.   The soup is clear beef stock, rejuvenating on days when I need a boost (comforting when I’m feeling under the weather).  A nice, simple, fulfilling dish for lunch.

(See also HANSIK)


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