14.173 VIP Special Set

Cycle 14 – Item 173

27 (Tue) June 2023

VIP Special Set


at Gold Chamchi

-Bangi, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with HL and family, DP

For the third and final dinner with HL and his family (see previously 14.170 Grilled (Salt + Soy) Chicken), we took him to our tuna sashimi restaurant.

As we’d reserved a room – never done that before – the basic Special Set (60,000 won per pax) wasn’t available, so we ordered the second tier VIP Special Set (80,000 won per pax).  (The next tiers are the Royal Special Set (100,000 won per pax), and finally the Omakase Special Set (130,000 won per pax) – maybe someday.)

The room came with Extra Special service, like a boilermaker show.

In comparison to the Special Set, food, the food that came with the VIP Special Set seemed pretty much the same (see for comparison 14.044 Special Set), which is excellent per se but disappointing considering the additional cost.




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