I’ve visited Lebanon once.  I will always be grateful to the country, the modern epicenter of Bilad al-Sham cuisine, for raising my awareness and appreciation for one of the world’s oldest and greatest culinary traditions.

    1. Beirut (2018): Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Working Group on Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (WHO mission)

“LBN” is the 3-letter abbreviation for Lebanon within the United Nations system.

These commercial eating establishments in LBN, as featured on GMTD, are arranged geographically below, then listed alphabetically.  Some might no longer be in operation.

Venues in other countries can be accessed via the COUNTRIES index.

* recommended

** highly recommended

! to be avoided


  1. Al Falamanki Raouché [official] (9.335 Legendary Meat on Dough)
  2. Burger King (9.335 Legendary Meat on Dough)
  3. * Burj Al Hamam (Mövenpick Hotel & Resort) (9.333 Grilled Halloumi Cheese)
  4. ** Em Sherif Café [official] (9.331 Hummus!)
  5. * Feluka Seafood Restaurant & Wine Bar (Ra’s Bayrut Sporting Club Beach) [TripAdvisor] (9.334 Pan-Fried Red Mullet)
  6. ** Mövenpick Hotel & Resort (banquet) (9.332 Kibbeh Nayeh)

Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport

  1. Lebanese Air Transit (LAT) Lounge (9.336 Sea Bass en Papillote)

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