I’ve been blessed to visit the Maldives once, on a liveaboard.  Sadly, plans to return in 2020 were derailed by the pandemic.  As yet, my booking remains open, rescheduled for 2023.

    1. Malé (2008): MV Adora (dive trip)

“MDV” is the 3-letter abbreviation for the Maldives within the United Nations system.

These commercial eating establishments in MDV, as featured on GMTD, are arranged geographically, then listed alphabetically.  Some might no longer be in operation.

Venues in other countries can be accessed via the COUNTRIES index.

* recommended

** highly recommended

! to be avoided


  1. The West Wing (Noomoo Hotel) (9.183 Grilled Y/F Tuna)

Velana International Airport

  1. Business Lounge (9.191 Grilled Beef Tenderloin)


  1. ** MV Adora (9.184 Grilled Reef Fish) (9.185 Chili Spaghetti) (9.186 Roast Beef in Mushroom Gravy) (9.187 BBQ) (9.188 Roast Chicken) (9.189 Mas Huni) (9.190 Grilled Snapper)

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