1.046 Tongdak


20 (Sat) February 2010



at Yeongyang Center

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family

The term “tong dak” literally means “whole (tong) chicken (dak).”  It typically refers to a whole chicken that’s been deep-fried or roasted (e.g., via rotisserie, which is a common method these days).

Yeongyang Center is a Korean restaurant.  The official English name is “Nutrition Center.”  The house specialties are samgye tang and tongdak.  Established in 1960m – now a landmark.  Original location in Myeong-Dong (still around?), plus this branch in Sinsa-Dong.

The tongdak at Yeongyang Center is awesome.  Crispy skin.  Juicy meat.  Simple as can be.  Excellent with beer.  I’ve been enjoying it as far back high school at least – and yes, with beer, even then.

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