1.151 Box-Roasted Pork Cutlets and Garlic


5 (Sat) June 2010

Box-Roasted Pork Cutlets and Garlic


by KJA

at Palhyeon Camp (WHERE)

-Namyangju, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with the Family, KJA’s family

Dinner was a pleasant experience.

First, it was relaxed.  Having camped out yesterday (Friday), intending to leave later in the evening today (Saturday), we knew that we wouldn’t be hitting any traffic on the way home.  Also, we’d have a whole day tomorrow (Sunday) to decompress.  Further, we had already packed up most of the gear, piece by piece throughout the afternoon, leaving out just the barbecue grill, table, chairs, and some eating implements, so no last-minute scramble to fold/stuff/stow.  It was like chilling out at a casual barbecue party in the forest.


The food itself was also good.  After yesterday’s epic fail, I was happy to allow someone else to do most of the work.  KJA, a friend of the W, employed an interesting technique that involved making small slits in pork cutlets, inserting garlic slices, enclosing everything in aluminum foil boxes, then placing the boxes over the fire for about 10 minutes.  While the boxes prevented burning, the enclosure roasted the pork and garlic, sealing in the moisture during the process.  The only problem was efficiency, the initial prep being quite labor-intensive, each box holding just a couple cutlets, and the grilling surface only wide enough to accommodate a few boxes at a time.  Nice though.

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