1.168 LA Galbi


22 (Tue) June 2010

LA Galbi (WHAT)


by Mom

at their home

-Geumgok, Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with the Family, Mom and Dad


LA galbi is a Korean dish.  Based on the classic beef galbi, with the same sweet soy-sesame marinade as, same beef ribs.  However, the ribs are cut laterally across the slab, rather than butterflied from each individual rib.  The cut results in a different texture, more dense and chewy, and thus an entirely different experience.  The most popular theory about the name of the dish holds that the cutting method originated in Los Angeles, where local restaurants didn’t have the skills/time to butterfly the meat, so they invented a short cut (no pun intended); another theory holds that “LA” is an abbreviation of “lateral.”

Growing up in California, I did encounter LA galbi regularly, like at church picnics and home gatherings of Korean expats.  Here in Korea, it remains something of a rarity.  My Mom makes it on occasion in remembrance of our time in the States.

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