1.171 Woosamgyeopsal


25 (Fri) June 2010



at Bon-Ga

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family, Mom and Dad

Woosamgyeopsal is a Korean dish.  Consists of beef brisket, frozen, sliced razor thin, lightly marinated in a sweet soy dressing, and grilled.  Similar to bulgogi, but simpler, more subtle.  

Traditionally, the term “samgyeopsal” refers to pork belly.  Whereas beef (“woo”) doesn’t have a belly cut, the brisket comes close both in anatomical proximity (being the chest flap, just above the abdomen) and physical appearance (having a triple (“sam”) layer (“gyeop”) of fat/flesh/fat when sliced cross-sectionally).  

While I’m sure that someone somewhere has done something similar, I’ve only encountered the dish at this restaurant. 13,000 won per 200 grams, not including the marinade.

We order it whenever we’re dining with my father because he prefers beef to pork.


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