1.194 Yeonpo Tang


18 (Sun) July 2010

Yeonpo Tang 


at Beolgyo Maeul

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family, In-Laws

Yeonpo tang (연포탕) is a Korean dish.  Involves dumping live octopus into boiling broth – along with various vegetables – watching them squirm to death, chopping their tentacles into bite-size pieces, which are dipped in soy sauce and eaten, and then finishing them off by cutting their heads open to release the ink, which turns the broth into a black pool of gore.  Rice porridge or fried rice is often made in the gore to finish off the meal.

DJ, 3 years old, goes nuts for it, every part of it, especially the squirming-to-death part (fortunately, he has displayed no other sadistic traits).


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