1.195 Sea Cucumbers in Oyster Sauce


19 (Mon) July 2010

Sea Cucumbers in Oyster Sauce


-Cheongdam, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family, Mom and Dad

In Seoul, the Cheongdam neighborhood, home to the Gucci flagship store and Maserati dealership, is about as posh, and as superficial, as it gets in Korea, particularly when it comes to restaurants.  All about decor and concept, which apparently leaves little time to worry about other details like, say, the food. The nouveau-riche get an opportunity to feel good about themselves, to convince themselves that they’re experiencing something special, that they’re spending their money to good end.  Sad how easily people are duped by the drapery.

I should’ve known better, but it was my father’s birthday, and my mother, who is the family arbiter of what constitutes success in an evening out, likes drapery.

The restaurant featured a mini terra cotta warrior reproduction at the entrance and a faux waterfall by the stairs and a wine list featuring Petrus.


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