1.298 Flame-Grilled Samgyeopsal


30 (Sat) October 2010

Flame-Grilled Samgyeopsal


by YYH

at Yongin Leisure Swimming Pool [campsite]

-Yongin, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with the Family, CBD, MtG

Generally a bad idea to cook pork bellies over an open flame, because the fat drips and causes flareups, which burns the meat and leaves a sooty residue.  However, at the end stage of a fire, when the coals have dwindled down to ashy embers, it works to make the fat nicely crispy, the meat nicely smoky.

While the camping crew planned another trip for a third consecutive weekend, I didn’t want to risk marital strife, so I just went for the day.  W had spent the day shopping at an outlet mall nearby, so we ended up rendezvousing at the campsite and going home together after dinner.

This was absolutely the worst campgrounds ever. It was the dirt parking lot of a defunct public swimming pool along a busy road. Total bullshit.


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