1.355 Lemon Chicken


26 (Sun) December 2010

Lemon Chicken


from Toayen

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family,

Lemon chicken is a Chinese dish.  Deep-fried chicken pieces in a lemony glaze.  Prevalent in Chinese restaurants across North America, practically non-existent in either China (so they say) or Korea (as far as I’m aware).

Surprisingly, it’s on the menu of Toayen, our default Chinese delivery joint.  Delivery joints aren’t known for experimenting with unconventional dishes.  I ordered it, if only as an act of approval.

It was okay.  The chicken was crispy, only partially coated by the glaze, preserving the crisp.  The glaze was more of a standard sweet & sour sauce, little actual lemon flavor.  Still, I might get it again.  A better alternative to sweet & sour pork.


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