2.030 Galbi Jjim


4 (Fri) February 2011

Galbi Jjim


by MIL

at the In-Laws’ home

-Apgujoeng, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family, In-Laws

Galbi jjim is a Korean dish.  Beef short ribs slow-braised for a couple hours with a few vegetables, typically mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, and maybe chestnuts, in a sweet soy sauce stock.  Because of the time involved, and the high cost of beef, the dish is often reserved for special occasions.

A visit by a treasured son-in-law during the new year holiday would qualify as a special occasion.  After dinner, MIL commented that I appeared to be getting more accustomed to Korean food, as evidenced by my hearty appetite this evening. I replied that maybe her cooking is just getting better. As a treasured son-in-law, I can get away with snarky quips like that.


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